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Who won Japan’s No. 1 Izakaya in 2010


Originating from Tokyo, Japan, ENMARU is highly regarded as the number one
Izakaya (ee-zah-kah-ya) restaurant in Japan.
It has been renowned for its exceptional classic Japanese cuisine and an array
of ENMARU iconic homemade dishes. The extensive impeccable food quality
has won the Japanese heart and it’s been proven by earning two prestigious
awards the “Izakaya Koshien 2010” as the champion of two nationwide
restaurant competitions in Japan – as well as the “S1 Server Grand Prix 2011”.
Enmaru Jakarta was built by adopting the traditional interior design that features
a dramatic decor of Izakaya restaurant at one of Tokyo’s corner. By using the
dark solid timbers, stone and rustic wood around the restaurant gives a bold
authentic Japanese aesthetic that creates a modern, lively and yet warm
atmosphere with a spectacular view of Jakarta’s bay
where the boats are lining on the coastline.
Since the first store was opened on November 2006 in Japan, Enmaru ensure
that the freshness of the product will become the top priority of the business.
Each Enmaru fly’s seafood only from the world’s most famous and biggest fish
market, Tsukiji in Tokyo. This is where the impeccable variety menu like sushi,
sashimi, high grade Japanese wagyu and other food varieties start.
ENMARU has now stepped into the culinary scene in
Hong Kong (2 restaurants), Shanghai (1 restaurant) and Guangzhou (1
restaurant) with the total number of restaurants including Jakarta and
Japan is 12 restaurants.
ENMARU – Bringing the authenticity of Japanese culinary that famously known
as a place to go for social eating, drinking, chatting and relaxing after work with
a focus on high quality of food and service!