Takashi Tomie

ENMARU General Manager

Hailing from Japan’s capital city, Tokyo, Takashi Tomie had no professional culinary training and didn’t study at a culinary school. In fact, the executive chef of Enmaru – one third of Altitude at The Plaza– took another altogether unique route to the kitchen by first working as a restaurant manager.

Yetthis is something Mr Tomie regards as an advantage, it having given him a greater understanding ofthe service industry, customers and their value to the business. This is why he frequently alters thepresentation of Enmaru’s signature dishes. “I just don’t want our guests to feel bored,” he explains.

The Executive Chef of Enmaru is Takashi Tomie, whose youthful appearance belies his extensive experience (he has also headed up the kitchens at Enmaru’s two sister restaurants in Singapore).His most restigious achievement came in 2010, when he led his team to win the Izakaya Koshien, a competition to determine Japan’s best izakaya.

Tsuchiya Yusuke

ENMARU Executive Chef