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The Exciting New Web Design Trends

Mobile First

The majority of income currently come from mobile devices, developers and designers are creating more websites with an emphasis on mobile devices. Designers and developers involved in web design or development should have some experience designing mobile websites. This is because it will make it easier to create apps that fit smaller screens.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

April showers bring May flowers, which is why you’re experiencing more vibrant colors and more rounded corners on websites. Similar to form inputs and profile avatars, backgrounds are no longer restricted to 90 degrees. Instead, they could be fascinating from different angles. This can help customers stay on your site for longer lengths of time. Your website must keep up with the latest fashions to increase trust between your company and potential customers. This will permit them to not only buy from you, but also recommend your services and enhance sales in a massive way.

More Interactions and Animations

Animated websites are becoming more popular with each passing day due to the advancements in web technologies , like jQuery. These scripts permit you to make your site more than just a medium for reading printed texts. They also enable interaction between users (and pages) that was previously limited by the limitations of images.

Websites are increasingly interactive. Instead of reverting to retro-looking design of the 1990s such as page transitions and sliding information panels can be used to make your website appear more alive. These techniques boost interaction and direct visitors to activities that generate revenue, which could result in more visitors per visit (RPV).


Businesses are increasingly making use of the HTML5 video tag to safeguard their websites and keep them operating. The increased number of platforms for hosting videos (including streaming) has seen more companies decide that they can handle this type of thing better than they did before, using other technology like YouTube or other third-party services that may shut down anytime. Using these tags can allow a company’s videos to be integrated seamlessly within its website, as well as providing a wider selection of players capabilities.

Video Backgrounds

With the rise of video backgrounds, you can utilize these backgrounds to your advantage. This can increase the engagement of customers. Backgrounds with video can boost conversion rates because they present greater information about a company in a smaller space than conventional images. It makes it simpler for clients to see videos even if they don’t read much text.

Video backgrounds are an effective way to increase brand recognition and increase the number of customers who come back. It is a great option to promote general goals and certain types of marketing, like eCommerce content strategies and video marketing. This will allow you to improve your site’s time to market and increase customer engagement.

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